Water reuse & legionella prevention in industry

Ultrafiltration solutions for industry

Water in industry is like petrol in a car: essential. But we need to be frugal and smart with this precious commodity. For centuries, companies have dumped all kinds of waste into the water. Fortunately, we are getting smarter: many industries now purify and reuse much of their water. With our ultrafiltration systems, we can not only purify and reuse large volumes of process water, but also provide effective Legionella prevention for bathrooms, emergency showers and workplace showers. Environmentally friendly and cost effective.

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Re-use of process water

Things go big in industry, but that doesn’t mean we have to throw water around. With our ultrafiltration systems, we give water a second life, save costs and reduce environmental impact. Now that’s smart business.

Customised for your industry

Standard solutions are not always right for the industry, and we know that. Every process has its own flavour, just like a speciality beer. That’s why we offer ultrafiltration systems tailored to the unique needs of your business. Got a job you’d like to get rid of? Let us know and together we’ll see what’s possible!