Discover our advanced systems for maximum water quality.

Our systems provide the ultimate solution for centrally monitoring your water quality. With our (gatekeeper) system, you have maximum assurance right from the water meter. The entire building is supplied with top-quality water. Thanks to sensing, you can remotely access various data: from water pressure and flow to water temperature and system status.

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Safety first

Our systems ensure water safety throughout the entire building, centrally and reliably.

Certified quality

Our systems comply with all Dutch certification standards, including BRL K14022, K14010.1

Flexible and customizable

Discover our systems in various designs and capacities to suit your needs, whether fixed, mobile, or customized.

Frequently asked questions about our systems

Are the systems KIWA BRL K14010.1 certified? 

Definitely! Our PB gatekeeper systems come with all the legal approvals, including that BRL K14010.1 for legionella prevention.

Who can and should install these systems? 

Who doesn’t? No special rules for the installer. We just provide clear instructions.

Do you only supply the standard systems or are there other options available as well?

Nope! Our standard systems are first class, but we can also provide customised solutions. Dosing pumps, special controls, connections… You name it, we provide it.

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