The sectors we operate in

Whether you’re tapping beer or saving lives, our water does the job. From bubbly breweries to life-saving healthcare facilities, we leave no industry untouched.


In healthcare, legionella prevention is always top priority. Prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to health.


Hospitals run at full speed 24/7 for the best care. Safety comes first, even in water. Legionella is an ongoing concern. Showers and taps, well-known breeding grounds for bacteria.

Residential building

Particularly in healthcare buildings, such as nursing and care homes, the regulations are strict. Ultrafiltration? That's our trump card for keeping your premises legionella-free.

Non-residential construction

Non-residential construction? Think offices, schools, even trendy coworking spaces. But did you know that legionella also finds its place here? Protect your building with our filters and shower trays for a fresh and safe environment.


Leisure is about relaxing, not worrying. Whether you are taking a sauna, lying on the beach or exploring the city, the unpleasant threat of Legionella is everywhere.


Marinas have water hoses, showers and high-pressure sprayers. But legionella can also feel at home there.


Hotels are full of places where Legionella like to hang out: hot tubs, showers, even kitchens


With our ultrafiltration systems, we can not only purify and reuse large volumes of process water, but also provide effective Legionella prevention for bathrooms, emergency showers and workplace showers.