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At PB we take water issues seriously, but not ourselves. Legionella, legislation, reputation? Not to worry. With 25 years' experience, we redefine the norm and ensure squeaky clean water.

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Health threat from Legionella outbreaks

A Legionella outbreak poses a serious health risk to anyone who comes into contact with contaminated water. From fever to respiratory problems and, in severe cases, pneumonia, the consequences are far-reaching. People with weakened immune systems are particularly at risk, which can be fatal.


Legal responsibility for Legionella infections

Legionella prevention is not only a health issue but also a legal one. Non-compliance can lead to legal liability, heavy fines and reputational damage. A risk that cannot be ignored.

Contaminated water

Damage to reputation and loss of trust

Legionella outbreaks and water contamination threaten not only health but also the reputation of companies. For industries such as food packaging, bacterial contamination can lead to negative publicity. A hotel with a legionella outbreak among guests risks lost customers and long-term reputational and financial damage.

Laws and regulations

The consequences

Serious health issues

It does not stop at inconvenience. Dirty water poses serious health risks. Did you know that thousands of people fall victim to water-related diseases every year? At PB we take this seriously. Our solutions go beyond cleaning; they protect what matters most: your health.

Thousands of people every year

The real cost of law-breaking

Law violations can be a major drain on your wallet and reputation. On average, fines for water-related offences run into thousands of euros. But that is not all. The hidden costs of reputational damage and potential litigation can be exponential. PB is not only your water hero, we are also your protection against these financial hammer blows.

Thousands of euros in fines

Our clear approach to water issues

Out with the chemical mess! Our approach redefines the standard for water purification. We take the best of membrane technology to get the worst out of your water, all without the need for a plug. Back to basics with no frills.

A completely chemical and chlorine-free approach to your water treatment problem.

We offer a completely chemical and chlorine-free approach to your water treatment problem. No harmful substances, just crystal clear water that is as pure as it should be.

Technology where membranes are at the heart of every solution.

Our technology is all about membranes. They are at the heart of every solution. Their precision and efficiency take water treatment to the next level.

Unique mechanical solutions that require no electricity.

Our unique mechanical solutions require no electricity. Pure craftsmanship without the need for electricity. Cleaning without turning on the light.

Completely removes bacteria while retaining minerals.

We completely remove bacteria while preserving the valuable minerals in your water. No compromise on purity and health. Water that is good for you and good for nature.

Water problems exit, purity enter

Ready to get rid of troubled water and get ahead of headaches? At PB, we not only tackle foul water, but also the mess around it. No excuses, no hassles – just ultra-clean water, no bullsh*t. Discover now how our innovative solutions can transform your water life.

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