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Stronger together

Become a PB dealer? Definitely! And why is that? Because together we are stronger. Together we take water treatment to the next level. No fuss, just quality and support. From innovation to technical support, we stand side by side. For the long term? Always. And that includes a drink, of course.

Become a PB dealer

The benefits of our dealership in a nutshell:

Long-term focus

At PB, we think long term. We are here to build long-term relationships and help you develop your own market.

Technical support

You have the network, we have the technical know-how. Together we are strong and ensure successful processes.

Fast and informal communication

No hassle, no bureaucracy. At PB we like direct communication and clear information.

Quality without nonsense

Our products are top quality, and that means 'no nonsense'. You can count on it.

Experience and collaboration

Our years of experience make us a reliable partner. We are not only there to do business, but also to brainstorm and grow.

Fun included

The occasional lunch, drink or dinner? With us, it's all part of the deal.

Lambert of Aquraat on being a PB dealer

“As a PB dealer, I can tell you that it is more than just business. PB is all about quality, an informal yet professional approach and short lines of communication. It’s a pleasure to work with them and the atmosphere is always positive. We are striving for success and in PB we have found the right partner to help us achieve it.”

Service support

Service without borders

At PB we understand that technology needs regular maintenance. Whether you are a local dealer or operate across borders, we go beyond support. For example, we can help you organise maintenance and even help you set up on-site cleaning systems. Our commitment to service and maintenance knows no boundaries, so our dealers can always count on us, wherever they are.

Want to become a PB dealer?

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