Recognition of quality

Discover our certifications that demonstrate our commitment to quality water solutions and service. At PB we strive for nothing less than the highest standards, and our certifications are proof of that.

BRL K14010.1

BRL K14010.1 Legionella prevention? This is not a standard quality mark, but a mark of reliability and safety. It means that our installations and systems meet the strictest requirements for legionella prevention in the Netherlands. Customers can be sure that the solutions we provide are safe to use and meet the highest quality standards.

Check out our KIWA certificate here.


BRL K14022? It’s not just a bunch of letters and numbers. It means serious business: the standard that says our equipment meets the highest standards when it comes to treating drinking water and hot tap water. This certification shows that our systems and installations guarantee safety, quality and reliability, so you can always rely on clean and healthy water.

Check out our KIWA certificate here.

KIWA Watermark

Kiwa Watermark certification? It’s not just some stamps and logos. It stands for top quality and water safety. It shows that our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. So you can enjoy your glass of water with confidence that it is clean and healthy.