Building safety

Legionella prevention for commercial construction

When you think of commercial buildings, you think of offices, schools, hospitals and yes, even those modern coworking spaces. These are all places where people gather, work, learn and heal. But what if we told you that these places can also be the perfect home for an uninvited guest? Right, Legionella. Not exactly the extra resident you had in mind, is it? Fortunately, we have our Aquamobile ready for new build projects and can offer solutions such as shower trays or sink filters for existing situations to stop Legionella.

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From drawing to tap water

Legionella won’t wait until your new building project is finished. So why should we? Here’s how to really keep legionella out: start before the party has even started. It’s simple: if you don’t invite Legionella, they can’t get in. With the Aquamobile, we make sure that Legionella can’t get a foot in the door, literally from the start.